Sunday, January 22, 2012

34th Worldwide SketchCrawl Marathon - Houston.

Yesterday, Jan,21,  here in Houston I went for the first time to a meeting with Sketchers. On the occasion of the 34th WorldwideSketchCrawl Marathon, which I had news through Urban Sketchers Texas page, and I immediately registered in SketchCrawl forum and his page in Flick.

At the Houston Museum of natural history, at 9:00 am. the day was quite cloudy, and was raining. In this first meeting which I attend, we were 4 sketchers.
After doing presentations and chatting for a while, we did the first time to sketching.
Firsts sketches made in the gift shop

The second time, took place inside the Museum, where I  try again sKetch the  skeletons of these large mammals disappeared  million years ago.
I sketch with my new Pilot Parallel Pen, is more difficult to use than a pen,but I think the results are no very bad

New reunion, photos of the sketchbooks, us, and time out to eat.

Then we went to The Menil Collection, where we spend another hour and a half, here already use also my other tools, the Pentel brush Pen, also of recent acquisition ,  watercolors, pencils and pans.

Photos of  ours sketchbooks again and one of us leaving  the Museum.

And a firm purpose of repeating these meetings in the near future.
Thank you Mary, Chris and Judith, by the fantastic day we spend together


  1. Buenos dibojandos Tomas. Welcome to the world of sketchcrawling.

  2. Que buenos trabajos, Tomás!! : )

    1. Muchas gracias, me alegro que te gusten. Salidos.

  3. Hola Tomás¡¡

    Me gusta especialmente el allosaurus¡ me parece superdifícil dibujar esqueletos, que te sigan saliendo igual de bien.

  4. Gracias Ursula, es la primera vez que lo intento.